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Welcome to Libra Coaching & Training services which is located in Cork, Ireland led by its Director Brenda Roche.

Libra specialises in positive psychology for business that include positive psychology coaching, training & strengths development.

The most popular course are: Wellbeing at work, Resilience & Stress management, Coaching, Strengths development and Positive Leadership.

All of these have a coaching element to them to ensure that the learning gets applied immediately before life takes over and the learning is put aside.

These courses can be run for interested groups outside the workplace too and we have run public courses in Ireland and South Africa. If you have a group of 5 - 25 people and would like us to run any of these, do contact us.

Happy human beings make productive workers.

Positive Psychology has an evidence based, common sense approach with practical applications that informs and enriches many aspects of our working life such as: happiness, wellbeing, strengths, positive relationships, positive emotions and pretty much everything that can enrich life.
Small lasting changes in these areas increases our productivity and engagement at work and helps us to enjoy life to the full.

We have worked for the following clients :

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